Apple iPod Mobile Speakers Look Like Bags but Aren't

We're always keeping our eyes open for crazy contraptions, or gadgets as we like to call them, and usually that means we have to point our eyes across the ponds, to really find something of interest. This time around, we've struck gold. These speakers look like bags, and are even just as mobile as a bag, but we assure you: they aren't.

It's a pretty simple design, with a speaker placed right in the middle of one side, and the iPod (and presumably an iPhone and iPod Touch) sits right on in the inside, plugged into the dock. It's only halfway hidden, so the screen is still somewhat visible if you need to take a gander at what you're listening to. They're ridiculously light too, at only 1.42g.

So far, we can only find sites that are heavy in the Japanese to purchase, or even get any additional information regarding these lovely accessories, but we're sure that sooner or later they'll pop up on some kind of English-infused site. And when that happens, we'll be sure to update all of you. Because we know you want one. Even if you don't know it yet.

[via Spoon-Tamago]