Apple iPhone 4G Found in San Jose Bar, Images Find Their Way to the Internet

The next time you're in a San Jose bar, you should start watching where you step. Because you could be the next lucky person to pick up a never before seen phone. You know, like the iPhone HD. That's exactly what happened to an unnamed person today. According to Engadget, the pictures just made it to their inbox, and, while we can't say whether or not we're convinced, these are definitely doing their best to sway our opinion. These images are definitely better than what we've seen before.

Obviously, we can't do anything to actually verify these images. (It's not like Apple would just say, "Yep!") But, it definitely does look like an upgraded iPhone, if there's ever been an aesthetically upgraded iPhone before it. From two (new) hardware keys on the left-side of the device, underneath what we imagine is the mute switch. The device seems pretty thick, but not so much that we think it'd be a pain to hold in your hand or your pocket.

There's no telling if this is the final build design, or if this is just some kind of prototype that got lost in the depths of Cupertino. The device apparently rocks a front-facing camera (which we've heard rumored before), and they were able to spot 80GB of storage on the device before it stopped booting. Also noted, while it was on, was the fact that it was running an OS that was "new." Curious. So, if you find an iPhone 3G case lying on the ground in a bar in California, check the contents — it might lead you to a great find.

[via Engadget]