Apple iPad Hitting Every Seton Hill University Full Time Student

There's no doubt that the education market is somewhere that Apple wants the iPad to be. After all, using the tablet as a replacement for your huge text books would probably be something every student on the planet would be willing to do. Especially if the book publishers could figure out a good price for those digital editions. And it looks like those in the board room at Seton Hill University agree with Apple, at least enough to start including iPads for Fall, full-time students.

In Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Seton Hill University has decided that for all their future (Fall), full-time students, they deserve to have an iPad. The iPad giveaway is part of the school's Technology Advantage Program, and makes it possible for all of the students to get an iPad of their own. According to the tip that TUAW received, students will be able to download their textbooks directly to their iPad from the iBookstore, and will also be used for file sharing, as well as note-taking. All these things that we knew the iPad would be good at.

Seton Hill University is probably going to be the first of many to offer iPads for students. We imagine that the range of options for students who want an iPad will vary one way or another. Universities that give away iPads may be the exception to the rule. And, we are wondering if the iBookstore is going to have cordoned-off areas, where participating universities will be able to deliver books for their students. Or, will we all be able to see what textbooks the History class of any particular university is using at any time? Be a quick way to clutter up that nice new digital storefront.

[via TUAW]