Apple iCloud Harmony ad launches

Apple has released a new commercial for its emerging cloud service and, in typical Apple fashion it features a whole bunch of videos of Apple products in different locations, showing a whole bunch of different screenshots showcasing the product in question. The ad, entitled iCloud Harmony, has no voice-over at all. That's an interesting move considering the average consumer might need a bit of clarification on exactly what iCloud is.

The commercial features the typical Apple style of music, and among the features that are highlighted are music, photo, calendar, and contact screens from iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It also shows off apps and e-books, trying to convey the message to consumers that all this content can be automatically kept and stored in the cloud for access anywhere at any time.

The ad ends with the text "Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud." Cloud services are likely to be one of the biggest emerging trends in 2012, with iCloud facing competition from Web-based services like Dropbox and Amazon. Another service, Box, seems to want to be the Android standard. It recently offered 50 GB of free storage space to all Android users, though the offer is only available for a limited time.