Apple hires former LG OLED expert

Craig Lloyd - Feb 8, 2013, 2:02pm CST
Apple hires former LG OLED expert

In what seems like an effort to make the transition to OLED displays, Apple has hired OLED expert Dr. Lee Jeung-Jil from LG. Lee was a senior researcher of OLED screen technology at LG Display, and also worked with Samsung in the past. It seems that Apple will use Lee’s expertise to develop and manufacturer OLED displays for future products.

It seems that Apple is keeping mum about the news, but OLED-Info is reporting that the Cupertino-based company ended up snatching the OLED expert in hopes to develop higher-quality displays for future iPhone, iPads, and maybe even televisions one day. Of course, OLED displays were abundant in televisions at CES last month, so it could mean that Apple will use Lee to help the company build a television set sometime in the future.

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) has a number of advantages over regular LCD screens. For starters, OLED features brighter colors with deeper blacks, and it also offers wider viewing angles and faster response times. Plus, the technology can be used to create thinner displays that are very battery efficient, and it has been used to created flexible displays that could be in our future.

Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed the hire of Lee at this point, and we’re not sure if or when they’ll officially announce it, but it certainly makes sense that Apple is moving further and further into the OLED kingdom, where we could soon see their mobile devices utilizing the new lighting technology.

[via AppleInsider]

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