Apple granted Interactive Stand Patent

If you've walked into an Apple Store recently, you're probably familiar some of their retail stands. While you can pick up and freely interact with products like the iPhone and iPad, usually next them you'll find an iPad encased in slanted perspex that will give you more information. New information shows Apple applied for patents for those retail stands, which have now been granted in China.Patently Apple has uncovered the exact details relating to the patent. The pictures show designs for the stands which are very similar to what's used in stores today. For example, the iPod Shuffle stand features several docks to rest the iPods, as well as an iPad showcasing the exact specs and info the customer needs to know.

The patents cover several different variants of the design, with some being simpler than others. It looks like Apple have tried to cast as wide a net as possible in its patent designs to cover all the different configurations it would need for various Apple products.