Apple files patent for multitouch mice

Apple's patents are always very interesting to say the least. Every time we see one we are constantly reminded that Apple not only thinks outside the box, but also manages to stay two steps ahead of everyone else in terms of new ideas and technological innovation.

Apple's newest patent applies multitouch to their mice. MacBlogz has done a very good job at creating what one of these multitouch mice may look like. They even went as far as creating the aluminum casing as we have been seeing on many of their new product lines on devices such as the late 2008 MacBooks and new iPod Nano.

Multitouch comes in so hand in whatever you do and Apple has managed to implement it in a variety of their products. Though there have been a few bugs in the late 2008 MacBook models, it does not take away from the extreme ease of use this feature brings users. We are very curious to see what Apple had in mind when filing for this patent.