Apple Files Patent for iPad Stylus

Apple filed a patent today for a Stylus specifically designed for touchscreen use. Does this mean that Steve Jobs is backing down on his position that "If you see a stylus, they blew it." ? Not necessarily. Jobs' point was that he didn't want users to need a stylus, as they did for PDAs. This stylus could have appeal for artists, gamers, and also those who are unable to hold a finger steady due to a medical condition. Obviously, this will not be your standard Palm Pilot stylus.

Apple's stylus will have built in pressure detecting circuits which would communicate with the iPad through WiFi or Bluetooth. This is important because the iPad can't detect pressure, or how hard the stylus is being pressed down. There would also be an accelerometer built into the stylus, something that would be great for gaming. The stylus described in the patent would also have built-in squeeze buttons that could be programmed for shortcuts, like changing colors or brushes.

There are no plans to manufacture this device so far, but keep an eye out, it may be coming soon. We also wonder if Google may begin developing a stylus for Android tablets. If a tablet stylus were available, would you buy it?

[via Cult of Mac]

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