Apple files patent for camera hidden in an LCD screen

We all know what Apple has been pushing out the patents for ideas that range from being very practice and useful to just outright off the wall. The latest of patents made by Apple to be released into the world is an iSight camera that is placed behind the display screen in what is depicted as a MacBook.

Even though it has already been done, people will marvel at Apples "new" idea.  Errol Morris's Interrotron system uses two cameras with mirrored teleprompter-like screen in front of them to capture the first-person interviews of his documentaries and commercials. So in fact it has been done before.

This certainly would end the looking off camera shot that we all associate with webcams, but wouldn't it just seem creepy to see someone looking directly at you at all times? Just how well would one of these cameras work? For now this is only and idea and we may never actually see this technology in Apple's products.