Apple FaceTime is Video Calling for iPhone 4 [Updated with Video]

Evan Selleck - Jun 7, 2010
Apple FaceTime is Video Calling for iPhone 4 [Updated with Video]

There’s a front-facing camera on the iPhone 4, and pretty much everyone assumed that with a front-facing camera, that means you have to have video calling. Apparently Apple agreed with all of you, because sure enough, it’s coming to the next version of the iPhone.

There’s a bit of a snag, though. While everyone would probably love to run around their city, using that AT&T 3G they know and love, to make all those video calls, Steve Jobs announced that the calls will be only made over WiFi for now. You can access a video call, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 that is, even from a regular on the fly, though, so that’s definitely interesting.

It features “amazing video and audio quality,” and that probably goes a long way due to the WiFi connection. It’s apparently WiFi-only in 2010, and the carriers “need to do some work” before it can get anywhere else. We imagine that’s something AT&T would want to work on, pretty quickly, as it’s one of the features that many people out there want, and want it right now.

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