Apple coughs up another 10% of iAd revenue for devs

Shane McGlaun - Apr 2, 2012
Apple coughs up another 10% of iAd revenue for devs

It appears since Apple has more money than it knows what to do with, it’s starting to give a bit back to developers. Apple has notified participants in its iAd program that they will be getting a bump in the percentage of income they are paid out from their ads. Previously, developers received a 60% cut of revenue.

The new update will see developers getting 70% of the revenue from ads displayed to the developer. The 10% increase should make a notable bump in the bottom line for developers. The bump in revenue for the developers comes after Apple announced that it was lowering the ad spend required from advertisers to run an iAd campaign.

Campaigns are still very expensive at $100,000, but that is much less than campaigns cost previously. It remains to be seen if advertisers flock to Apple with the new lower price. At a cost of $100,000 per campaign, iAd is still limited to major advertisers.

[via The Next Web]

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