Apple Considers AirPlay Licensing To Expand Video Streaming

Apple is considering plans to expand its video streaming beyond Apple TVs. According to Bloomberg, sources familiar with the situation, say that the company may license AirPlay for video streaming to TV makers.

AirPlay was launched as a way for audio and video to be streamed from iPhones or iPads to Apple TVs. But currently, Apple only licenses AirPlay for audio streaming, which allows manufacturers to integrate the technology so that music can be streamed from i-devices to various audio players. If Apple licenses AirPlay for video streaming as well, then users will no longer be limited to Apple TVs.

This could also encourage users to download more videos and movies from iTunes knowing that they can be easily streamed to a variety of TV sets, with or without an Apple TV set top box. Although Apple doesn't normally license its software to other manufacturers, doing so for the AirPlay for both audio and video streaming, would make their iPhone and iPad devices along with their iTunes movie store an even more integral part of daily media consumption.

[via Bloomberg]