Apple climbs to second place in best global brand survey

According to a survey conducted by Interbrands to determine the best global brands of 2012, Apple came in second on the list of the best global brands with an estimated brand value of $76.5 billion. The company moved up five spots since last year's results when they placed seventh on the list in 2011.

Coca-Cola won out the top spot with a brand value of $77.8 billion. Apple beat out other huge international corporations like McDonald's, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and even Samsung. Also, in 2009, Apple was down in 20th place on the list, so in a matter of just three years, the company moved all the way up to a very respectable 2nd place.

That achievement gives Apple the "top riser" moniker by Interbrand. Plus, with only a small gap between Apple and Coca-Cola, it could be as soon as next year when we see Apple take the top spot. You can view the full top-ten list below, with each company's estimated brand value posted next to the respective company.

1. Coca-Cola — $77.8 billion

2. Apple — $76.5 billion

3. IBM — $75.5 billion

4. Google — $69.7 billion

5. Microsoft — $57.8 billion

6. General Electric — $43.6 billion

7. McDonald's — $40 billion

8. Intel — $39.3 billion

9. Samsung — $32.8 billion

10. Toyota — $30.2 billion

It's a little bit of a surprise to see Samsung only at number nine on the list. They've arguably been dominating the Android smartphone market with their Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note series. It's easily possible that by next year, they'll jump up a few spots and sneak their way into the top 5 alongside Microsoft or even Google.

[via TUAW]