Apple celebrates "A Decade of iTunes" with interactive timeline

Apple has launched a special tribute to its iTunes Store today, with a ten-year-long interactive timeline called "A Decade of iTunes." Users can flip through each year since 2003 to see what were some of the popular songs back then, as well as look over some of the milestones that Apple and iTunes have passed along the way.

Throughout the timeline, Apple touches on major iPod launches, as well as download milestones for the iTunes Store, including the most recent 40 billionth app downloaded from the App Store, 25 billion songs sold through iTunes, and one billion courses downloaded from iTunes U. If you've been an iPod user since the early days, this will definitely bring you way back.

However, this doesn't mark the 10th anniversary of iTunes. The popular music player and music store combo app was actually launched back in 2001 along with the very first iPod, which would make iTunes around 12 years old now, which means the app has already been around for about two years when the timeline begins.

Nonetheless, it's a fun thing to scroll through to kill some time, and it even lists the top-selling songs and albums for a given year, and they include a link to buy the song or album if you feel like getting some nostalgia built up. So, what was the top-selling song on iTunes back in 2003? "Hey Ya!" by OutKast.