Apple Card accounts can't be accessed or paid via web browsers

Apple is always positioning itself as one of the greatest champions of modern privacy, especially among Big Tech companies. With Apple Card, it is extending that into the financial realm and is dipping its toes into a rather unfamiliar market. Almost like any new player in the credit card market, Apple is promising no or fewer fees and greater privacy but it seems that Apple has neglected mentioning how intricately it will be tied to an iPhone.

It's really no surprise that you need an iPhone, or at least an iOS device, to use the Apple Card. Opting for simplicity and throwing away the need for paper, everything about the Apple Card is done on device. That includes viewing transactions to even paying balances.

Unfortunately, what Apple didn't clarify beforehand was that there was no other way to access that data except from iOS devices. While that offers the convenience and security of accessing accounts only from trusted devices, it does bring headaches when such devices are lost or stolen. You can't even pay your balance to avoid incurring late fees.

An Apple customer representative has confirmed that you can only access your Apple Card account in two ways in case of a stolen iPhone. You will need another iOS device, on linked to your account of course, to access the Wallet up. The other option would be to call Apple Support and provide details to verify yourself and make the payment over the phone.

It is a major point of inconvenience but it might also be one of Apple's way to ensure the security of the platform. Some might also see it as a way for Apple to lock in users. That said, Apple Card is still at its infancy and hasn't even launched publicly so there's still a chance Apple could provide alternative means to access accounts or at least pay bills.