Apple Calls For Best Macro Photos In Latest Shot On iPhone Challenge

p>Apple's latest Shot on iPhone Challenge gets underway January 25, 2022, with the company encouraging users to submit their best macro photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. With each new release of the iPhone, Apple increases the quality and ability of the built-in camera. The iPhone's camera has even reached the point where some filmmakers have used it as their main camera when shooting feature films (via IMDB).

The iPhone 13 Pro line includes one of the biggest upgrades to the camera, with the addition of a new Ultra Wide camera that can focus on objects as close as 2 cm (roughly one inch). The ability to focus at such close range opens an entire new world of possibilities, including the ability to see everyday objects in all-new ways.

Apple's Shot on iPhone Challenge

Apple wants to showcase macro photography, and the iPhone 13 Pro line's ability to capture it, in the latest Shot on iPhone Challenge.

Beginning January 25, 2022 and running till February 16, users can submit their best macro shots for a chance of winning and having their photography featured in an Apple Newsroom Gallery, on Apple's official Instagram account, as well as other Apple accounts. The company says it may also feature winning photos in ad campaigns, in Apple Stores, and in public exhibits.

Apple has enlisted the help of five critically acclaimed photographers to join five judges from within the company, giving a well-rounded panel to evaluate submissions. The company recommends that photographers use their imagination, selecting objects from everyday life that may otherwise go unnoticed. The company also recommends that users do the following:

  • Take the photo as close as possible to the subject.
  • Use the .5x setting for Ultra Wide or 1x for tighter framing.
  • Keep the primary focal point near the center of the frame for best clarity.
  • Tap the focal point on-screen to make sure the camera focuses on that point.
  • Individuals who want to participate can share their photos via Instagram or Twitter, using the #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge hashtags. Similarly, users of the microblogging platform Weibo can use the #ShotoniPhone# and #iPhonemacrochallenge# tags.

    Individuals can also email their submissions to When submitting via email, files should be named with the 'firstname_lastname_macro_iPhonemodel' format, and the subject line must be: 'Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge Submission.'