Apple blocked from iPad name in China

Back when Apple first unveiled the iPad name for its tablet, there was no end to the jokes about the name. Those jokes didn't last much longer than the time it took people to get their hands on the tablet and the reviews to come out. The name is now synonymous with tablets in most of the world. In China, it's a bit different though.

Apparently, a company named Proview has had a trademark on the iPad name since 2000, well before Apple started to make the iPad. A suit has been gong on in Shenzhen over the name with Proview Technology suing Apple for trademark violations with the importing of the iPad tablet to the country for sale.

China is an important market for Apple, just as it is with many tech firms thanks to the booming economy in the country. Courts in Shenzhen have ruled against Apple in the case. It's not clear yet what implications this has for Apple. Proview was seeking $1.5 billion in loot from Apple. I see two things happening. Most likely Apple will make some sort of licensing deal with Proview. On the other hand, it could just pay the fine and rename the iPad to something else in China. Perhaps Apple could call it the iTablet.

[via Reuters]