Apple - Beware The Wrath Of An iPhone 3G User Scorned

Any iPhone 3G or 3GS user unlucky enough to have upgraded their device to iOS 4 when it first hit a few days ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4 knows that there were some big issues with the update on the devices. This was especially true for iPhone 3G users who were left with slow and buggy devices.

One 3G owner has decided to take Apple to court and alleges that Apple knew the update to iOS 4 would brick the 3G and offered it anyway in an effort to force users to upgrade to the iPhone 4. The woman who filed the suit is Biana Wofford and she is seeking a class action in the suit against Apple.

She also claims that Apple offers no way for the user to revert to an older OS that works other than resorting to "hacker" methods that void the warranty. She has a few valid points in her arguments. We will have to wait and see what happens in this case. I think she will have a hard time proving Apple knowingly bricked older iPhones and is hoping for a quick settlement out of court.