Apple bests Samsung in overall sales for Q1 2014

Nate Swanner - May 21, 2014
Apple bests Samsung in overall sales for Q1 2014

Dominating the sales demographics on most carriers, Apple remains the top smartphone vendor, helping push smartphones to an 87% market share in the US. The Q1 2014 numbers also show a 7% growth versus last year, and highlight a breakdown of sales by OEM and carrier. Though there are some suprising statistics, Apple’s dominance is not one of them.

Counterpoint, who conducted this study, found that Apple held 36.9% of smartphone sales for the quarter, which directly correlates to the market share of iOS. Samsung was the top handset provider, as they have non-smartphones still available. The two combined for 70% of LTE shipments, which comprise roughly 75% of all smartphone shipments.


Per carrier, Apple dominates on three of the top four. They outsold all other brands on all but T-Mobile, where Samsung reigned supreme with 38% of sales. Sprint’s handset sales are roughly 36% iPhone, while Verizon and AT&T both rely on iPhones for half of their sales.

Motorola makes a somewhat surprising third place showing with Verizon, while T-Mobile has moved into third pace among the carriers when considering smartphone orders. Android market share hovered around 52% for the quarter, with Windows Phone slipping up to snag roughly 4% of the market.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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