Apple begins set-up for WWDC 2014, wants us to "Write the code"

"Write the code. Change the world". That's the message Apple is sending with this year's WWDC, their annual get-together to refocus the various efforts surrounding their platforms. They've begun preparing Moscone West for the event, showing off their theme for this year along with some pixellated banners.

Each year, Apple rolls out new banners that hint at changes afoot. Last year, a banner hinted at the new design theory behind iOS 7, where things got a touch flatter and lot more colorful. This year, we're getting a lot of squares, which look to be pixels surrounding the Apple logo. These banners are likely just fodder, with additional banners (probably put up throughout the week) dropping hints as to what's in store for Developers.

The "Write the code" tagline also works well with the WWDC schedule release, wherein we find a lot of mystery. The session schedule is rife with mystery appointments like "This one's a doozy" and "We'd really love to tell you". The mystery surrounds all topics, to, suggesting whatever Apple has in store is far-reaching and all-encompassing.

We'll be keeping an eye on this throughout the week, hoping to catch a glimpse of just what will drive WWDC 2014. A reworked iOS 8 is expected, and OS X 10.10 may also make an appearance. It could be time for Apple to unveil a new iPhone, and the iWatch rumors still hang in the air. Healthbook and connected home scuttlebut dot the rumor landscape as well, so it could be a busy time for Apple Developers.

Via: Mac Stories