Apple App Store Hits 100,000 iPad Apps Milestone

Apple still dominates the tablet landscape with an ecosystem of apps that has yet to be beat. The App Store has reached a new milestone today, now listing over 100,000 apps designed for the iPad. That's a huge difference from what competitors, such as Google's Android tablets, have to offer.

The very first Apple iPad was introduced in April of 2010 with the iPad 2 released in March of this year. Apple did have quite a head start with the first competition-worthy Android tablets having only been released in the beginning of this year, such as the Motorola XOOM. However, the growth is still quite impressive, reaching six figures over the last 16 months in iPad apps alone, not counting iPhone apps that also run on the iPad.

In contrast, Google's Android Market currently has only 1,400 apps optimized for its tablets. Counting both smartphone and tablet apps, the Android Market has around 300,000 apps while Apple's App Store has around 425,000 apps.

The late release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, made for tablets, may have contributed to Android's slow growth in tablet apps. Google's plans to unite tablet and smartphone platforms into Android Ice Cream Sandwich later this fall could see dramatic growth in apps since it will be easier for developers to create for both types of devices.

[via TUAW]