Apple 2020 lineup leak includes iPad Air with in-screen Touch ID, Gamepad

Apple has already launched quite a few new products in the past weeks despite the ongoing chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought on the world. That, however, is just the beginning, which is fitting considering we're barely halfway through 2020. Apple still has some new products planned for later that go beyond the expected iPhone 12 and MacBooks. It turns out, it might have quite a lot in store, including ones we may not have heard before.

To be clear, this list of upcoming products for 2020 are mostly rumors, which is pretty much all that we get before they're finally announced. The source of the rumors could tip the scales one way or the other and Gizmodo seems to put some faith in his long list of Apple 2020 lineup.

We've seen some of these mentioned in one form or another in separate leaks. A HomePod Lite or Mini has been hinted in Apple's own code before while a second attempt at an AirPower wireless charging mat is also in the works. The AirPods X headphones would be a dream come true for some Apple audiophiles while an ARM-based MacBook has been in the rumor mill for years.

There are also some new entries on this list, like a first-party Apple gamepad, presumably for a better Apple Arcade experience. There's also a new iPad Air 4 that could bear Apple's first-ever in-screen fingerprint scanner. Considering Apple's investments in Face ID, however, it feels a bit sketchy.

It's quite a long list of new products but, of course, we don't expect to see them all at the same time. We might not even seem them all this year at all, considering certain uncertainties in development and manufacturing. Needless to say, Apple has quite a busy few months ahead, something that's more difficult to pull off considering restrictions in movement and travel around the world.