AppCharge is the newest mobile credit card reader

If for whatever reason you aren't happy with Square – maybe you find its credit card reader to be too small or...well, surely there must be other reasons – another company has decided to step into the woodwork and offer the exact same service but with no name recognition and hardly anything to differentiate itself. At least, we couldn't find much in its press release.

AppCharge is just like Square – once you sign up, you get an attachment for your phone that acts as a portable credit card terminal. Simply swipe a card, get the purchaser's signature, and your money will be deposited into your bank account. The only thing that seems to set AppCharge apart is that it boasts higher transaction limits. It does appear to be more enterprise-centric, as the company doesn't even have a set rate for transaction fees. That varies depending on your individual plan with AppCharge.

"We wanted to create a simple and secure product that gave merchants all the features of a robust merchant account and terminal, with the freedom to process just about anywhere and at a fraction of the cost. By offering 24/7 technical support and higher transaction limits, we are meeting the needs of businesses who expect more from their processing partner," the company said in a statement.