Aphelion Concept Clock Throws a Ball at Your Face to Wake You Up

For some, having the perfect alarm clock is essential to their day-to-day livelihood. If the alarm clock doesn't work, and they can't wake up in time for an important date, it can ruin a whole day. And while there are some out there that may make it harder to wake up, this new design concept is designed to make it almost impossible for you to stay asleep. Unless you like getting hit in the head by a projectile object.

The Aphelion concept clock is just a concept design right now, but considering how practical and helpful it could potentially be, we could see this design getting picked up by some manufacturer out there. It's designed to not necessarily throw the ball at your face, but it does indeed throw the ball away from the clock. And once it does, the alarm sounds. There's no way for you to hit the snooze button, so you'll have to get up out of bed, and return the ball to its resting place if you want the alarm to quiet.

Sure, you could just rip the alarm clock out of the wall, but if that's an option, you're probably already doing that with your alarm clock right now. Other features on the clock are pretty standard: a big display, telling you the time, as well as a Radio function, and connectivity options for your MP3 player. While we don't imagine that many people will aim the clock to let the ball hit them in the face, there's a chance that a heavy sleeper out there needs this kind of stimulus to get out of bed.

[via The Design Blog]