Apex Legends update brings Seer nerfs, but are they enough?

If you've visited any Apex Legends-centric communities in the past few weeks, you've probably encountered some complaints about Seer. The hero was introduced when the game's Emergence season kicked off earlier this month, and in the time since then, players have noted that he's a little bit on the strong side. The folks at Respawn have taken note and today pushed out a patch to bring Seer more in line with the other Legends.

Respawn posted the patch notes for this update to Twitter, and you can see them embedded below. Most of the changes in this patch concern Seer and his abilities, though there are also some miscellaneous fixes. The patch notes show us that pretty much everything about Seer has been nerfed in one way or another.

For instance, Seer's passive ability, Heart Seeker – which allows him to hear and visualize opponents' heartbeats when looking down sights – has been changed in several ways. There will now be a longer period of time between radar spikes for enemies that are full health. The range has also been reduced beyond 75 meters, while the field-of-view has been cut too.

Perhaps the biggest – and most contentious – changes are coming to Seer's tactical ability, Focus of Attention. Focus of Attention will now no longer deal damage or flash enemy players when it connects. It's also had the detonation delay changed from 1.4 seconds to 1.6 seconds. Unfortunately, Focus of Attention will still interrupt channeled actions like healing and apply a silence on opponent abilities, so these changes probably don't go as far as some Apex Legends players would want them to.

Seer's ultimate ability has also been nerfed, with its cooldown extended from 90 seconds to 120 seconds. The update also ships a handful of miscellaneous fixes, but its meat is unquestionably these Seer nerfs. We'll know if those nerfs went far enough soon, as the patch is now live in Apex Legends.