Apex Legends season 4 patch notes detail Revenant, World's End changes

Apex Legends season 4 has arrived, and with it comes Revenant and something of a revamp to the World's End map. That isn't all that season 4 is bringing along with it, as Respawn has published a hefty set of patch notes that detail all of the nerfs and buffs going live today. Today is the first anniversary of Apex Legends, and it seems that Respawn is celebrating that in a big way.

Keeping with its usual modus operandi, Respawn kept a lot of details about season 4 under wraps until today, preferring to reveal many of season 4's additions through patch notes. Perhaps most important are the details about Revenant, season 4's new Legend, and what he can do on the battlefield.

Revenant's passive ability is called Stalker, and with it, you'll be able to crouch walk faster and go higher when wall climbing. Its tactical ability, Silence, throws a device that deals damage to nearby enemies and prevents them from using their abilities for a whole 10 seconds, so it sounds like an ability that can turn the tide of a battle very quickly. Finally, its ultimate ability is called Death Totem, which has him drop a totem that will prevent Revenant and its teammates from dying – when they take fatal damage, they'll instead be returned to the totem with a mere 1 health.

Revenant's abilities sounds pretty powerful, which might be why it has a second passive called Low Profile that increases all the damage Revenant takes by 5%. That may not seem like a whole lot, but when three other players are firing automatic weapons at you, that extra 5% can definitely add up quickly.

Along with Revenant, we're seeing the addition of the Sentinel Sniper Rife, a bolt action rifle that was designed for medium and long range combat. The Sentinel Sniper Rifle's alternate fire will consume a shield battery in your inventory and energize the gun, making its shots do a lot of damage to shields. Launching with the Sentinel Sniper Rifle is a new sniper ammo type that's used by many of the game's long-ranged guns, which means ammo scarcity should be more of a concern for those looking to carry around a sniper rifle.

Additionally, the World's End map has been changed, with the most notable addition being that of the Planet Harvester in the map's center. The map's Capitol City has also been split in two, and the fissures that have appeared as the result of the Planet Harvester produce updrafts that will carry you to safety should you fall in one. It's worth pointing out that you still take some damage from the heat of the fissure and you'll move slowly in updrafts, making you a sitting duck, so use traverse those fissures at your own risk.

That's not even to mention all of the weapon changes that are shipping along with this update. For Respawn's full patch notes, head over to the official Apex Legends subreddit, but otherwise, update the game and hop in to take season 4 for a spin.