Apex Legends duos mode returns for Valentine's Day event

Apex Legends kicked off its fourth season on February 4th, and today, we'll see the start of a new event. Like Fortnite, Apex Legends will be hosting a Valentine's Day event that will feature special unlocks and cosmetics to purchase. Perhaps most importantly, though, it'll mark the return of a popular game mode: Duos.

Ever since launch, one of the ways Apex Legends has been standing out from the sea of other battle royale games is in the way it handles teams. While games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds allow people to play solo, in duos, or in squads of four, Apex Legends limits itself to one primary game mode centered around groups of three.

While that squads mode is the only one that's been consistently available, every once in a while Respawn rolls out a new mode that's only available for a limited time. Last year, it experimented with a duos mode that proved popular with the player base, and those who enjoyed playing in pairs will probably be happy to see it return in Valentine's Day Rendezous (as the event is officially called).

Duos is undoubtedly the main draw of this event, but another aspect that might get people playing is the double XP boost that will be live in that mode. By playing duos, you'll be able to earn double XP up to a maximum of 20,000 bonus XP per day.

Of course, there will also be limited-time cosmetics to unlock or buy during the event. Logging in at any point while the Rendezvous is live will get you the Valentine's 2020 Badge. We'll also see the return of the Through the Heart Longbow skin and the Love of the Game Pathfinder frame, along with the new Love Struck and Lovefinder gun charms. Take a look at the image above for prices and availability of those cosmetics, but otherwise, check out the Valentine's Day Rendezvous from today until February 18th.