Aperion Audio Debuts The Zona Home Audio Link System

Aperion Audio makes all sorts of home audio gear. We have talked a bit about their offerings in the past like the Zona Wireless Surround Speakers late last year. The company is back with an interesting new product for the user that wants to get music into any room of the house without having to run wires or add stereo components.

The new offering is the Zona HAL and it has a sender and a receiver unit. The sender can shoot music from your computer, MP3 player, or other audio to audio systems where the receiver is attached. The set up on the transmitter end is simply with a USB cable to the computer and a port on the transmitter to connect your audio source.

The receiver needs to be connected to a speaker or other audio gear. The system can be paired with up to two more receivers as well for multiple zones of audio. The digital audio signal is 16-bit/48KHz. Each kit with a sender and receiver is $149 and it is available right now.