AOC’s Anti-Blue Light technology protects against LED monitor harm

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 17, 2014, 6:59 pm CDT
AOC’s Anti-Blue Light technology protects against LED monitor harm

AOC, maker of displays, has developed a new technology it says will help keep your eyes safe from the damage caused by long-term exposure to shortwave blue light. Called Anti-Blue Light, its new technology will safeguard those who use LED displays, which are the offending devices.

The average modern smartphone and laptop user spends a lot of time every day staring at a monitor, and as LED backlights become more common, that could prove hazardous to one’s health. Exposure to the shortwave blue light given off by these displays (380 – 450nm) could cause macular degeneration.

AOC is taking aim at that condition (as resulting from LED displays, anyway) with its Anti-Blue Light tech, which reduces the aforementioned shortwave light’s strength and intensity, thereby also lessening its potential long-term damage.

The offending light can be lessened by more than 90-percent, doing so without the use of filters and other common methods. There is said to be no distortion or dimming that results from the technology, and colors remain normal. AOC plans to roll out the tech in its 76V Series displays.

VIA: Maximum PC

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