AOC launches new 1080p Touch Monitor for desktops and notebooks

The touchscreen has really changed the way we interact with our mobile phones and notebook computers. There are some desktop computers that are touch sensitive, but they are generally AIO computers. AOC has unveiled a new display for desktops that will work with your computer and a notebook with touch support. The monitor is called the AOC Touch Monitor e2239FwT. The screen is shipping right now across the country.

The screen of the monitor is 22-inches wide and it has 1920 x 1080 resolution. The contrast ratio is 10M:1 and the screen has a 5ms response time. The design allows HD content to be shown on the screen without the black bars. The display also has a SRS speaker bar for good sound quality. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 and it is designed to allow your notebook to sit underneath.

Connectivity includes a D-sub, USB, and HDMI. There are a pair of side mounted HDMI ports and a pair of USB ports as well. The screen uses LED backlighting and needs 0.1W in standby mode and under 25W in normal mode. The display supports 16.7M colors and can tilt from 3 to 12-degrees. The screens can also be daisy changed via USB with compatible computers. The Touch Monitor supports multi touch input and sells for $299.