AOC d2357Ph 3D display sports 5.8mm frame

AOC have announced a new monitor in their range, the 23" d2357Ph. Their new monitor is designed to take advantage of passive 3D technology, which means the glasses don't need to be synced to the monitor, nor do they require an active power source. The d2357Ph is also capable of converting standard 2D material to 3D, if you don't feel like waiting for Hollywood to convert all their classics.

The monitor also uses W-LED backlighting, helping AOC get the frame down to a svelte 5.8mm, although with the included stand that number grows to 10.6mm. Resolution is pegged at 1920x1080, response time is low 2ms, and viewing angles range from 170 degrees horizontal to 160 degrees on the vertical plane. Typical contrast ratio is 1000:1, although the all too familiar dynamic contrast ratio will boost that to 20,000,000:1. Connections include two HDMI v1.4 ports, and a single VGA input.

If you don't intend to use the monitor in a typical scenario, then the stand can be removed, allowing you to use the display as a large picture frame. You could also feasibly wall mount the display if you want to use it as a small television – the 1080p resolution and HDMI inputs would serve that purpose quite nicely.

The refresh rate on the d2357Ph maxes out at 60Hz, unlike regular 3D monitors that are capable of 120Hz. That's due to the use of passive 3D instead of active 3D that's found on other monitors. Even if you're not a 3D fan, you may want 120Hz for smoother gaming, so do some research to make sure this is the monitor for you before setting down your cash. If you're still interested, then the AOC d2357Ph is due to be released in April, with a recommended price of £205.