Another study warns drinking soda and energy drinks daily may be deadly

Another study has found that drinking soft drinks — including soda and energy drinks — on a regular basis may have a major impact on one's long term health. The latest research was recently published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine where scientists detail their analysis of data on a potential link between soft drink consumption and death risk. The health risk was found in both sweetened and artificially-sweetened beverages.

The study was designed to look into the potential association between frequently drinking 'soft drinks,' including everything from soda to carbonated lemonade, and mortality risk. As part of their work, researchers analyzed data on more than 451,000 European adults from 10 countries that had participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study.

The latest study excluded participants who had conditions like heart disease and cancer at the time of their enrollment in EPIC. As well, the researchers excluded anyone whose dietary information was considered 'implausible' and those who did not provide information on soda consumption.

After analyzing data on the remaining individuals, the study found higher all-cause mortality among people who drank at least two glasses of soft drinks daily, including ones that were sweetened using zero-calorie sweeteners. The study found that drinking sugary drinks every day may increase digestive disease risk and that consuming artificially-sweetened drinks daily may come with greater circulatory disease risk.

In this case, a glass of soda was considered 8.5oz, which is around one regular-size can. The findings indicate — as with a number of past studies — that drinking soda and other sweetened carbonated drinks every day may come with serious health risks over one's life.