Another Fortnite spot that causes instant death has been found

Watch out Fortnite players, another instant death spot has been discovered on the game's battle royale island. This is the third spot players have discovered that results in an instant elimination simply by walking through it, joining the Fork Knife discovery and, more recently, The Block issue. What exactly is causing these instant eliminations remains unclear.READ: Fortnite PSA: Walking near this Fatal Fields spot will kill you

The bug is simple and incredibly frustrating: walk in what is now being called an 'instant death' zone on the Fortnite battle royale island and you'll immediately die. The screen will read "You Eliminated Yourself," and the kill feed will state, "PlayerName didn't stick the landing."

Neither is true — all it takes is a step in the wrong direction to completely lose the game. That makes these instant death locations problematic, especially in light of Epic's tournaments and large awards pools. An instant elimination spot could knock a player out of ranking for a particular tournament and there would be little they could do about it.

The most recent instant death spot was publicized by player "Twitch ImCharis," who shared a video on the FortniteBR subreddit showing his untimely demise near the lava flow from the island's new volcano. The spot is in a random patch of grass and already featured a pile of loot, indicating some other unfortunate player had died there before him.

Just an insta death spot I found, be careful out there from r/FortNiteBR

Some players speculate the death may have something to do with the Baller vehicle the player was in, but other players say they've experienced other similar "fall damage" eliminations while using balloons. The problem appears to mirror the Fork Knife and The Block instant death spots, but without an explanation of what is going on, it's possible this could be a similar, but ultimately unrelated, bug.