Anonymous and WikiLeaks relationship detailed

The strange nature of the relationship between Anonymous and WikiLeaks has been detailed in a report from International Business Times. Members of the group spoke to IBTimes following a Twitter row over the leaked emails from Syria, with one individual saying the relationship between the two entities is "complex." As it turns out, there's crossover between both groups, with some individuals working on both sides to gather and expose information.

Anonymous and WikiLeaks are said to have similar aspirations, hence the heavy crossover between the personnel: "Both groups are first and foremost information activists, so there is a common ground between us." One member of Anonymous went on to detail the work behind the Syria email leaks, saying the group working tirelessly to breach "multiple domains and dozens of servers." While the information was handed off to WikiLeaks, the organization didn't reveal its relationship with Anonymous.

The hacktivist group doesn't seem to mind, however: "Nor would they be expected to reveal their source that is after all what WikiLeaks is all about." There's also the fact that WikiLeaks seems to have no qualms about releasing any information. Anonymous is said to have negotiated with Al-Jazeera regarding the release of the email dumps, but "no suitable disclosure agreement could be negotiated."

Still, Anonymous is looking ahead to the future. Members of the group have recently launched their own version of Wikileaks, dubbed Par:AnoIA. The site is designed is host Anonymous leaks, and is said to have been created to gain better media coverage for highly sensitive dumps and expose information faster than WikiLeaks.