Anonabox recall has critics saying "I told you so"

Anonabox has not had a simple life. The little router, which was bid as a security solution to make privacy both effective and simple, was met with backlash from critics who argued that it was not nearly as secure as claimed, and that it suffered from some security flaws. Despite raising a large six-figure sum, Kickstarter ended up canceling its crowdfunding campaign, citing discrepancies in the maker's claims. That didn't keep the box down, however, and it eventually found success elsewhere, only for the end result to be exactly as expected. Flawed.

Anonabox is a small white router that claimed to be a miniature plug-and-play way to direct one's Internet traffic through Tor. After the first crowdfunding campaign was nixed by Kickstarter, the box reappeared elsewhere in a second, more successful crowdfunding round, and it has since shipped out to backers. Now those first round of backers, who received the device, are being warned that it is flawed.

In March, Anonabox started advising its first round of customers that the router, which cost $100, has a pair of serious security flaws, and that with them the user's data is entirely compromised. That's not because it doesn't make good on its promise to route traffic through Tor — it does — but because it doesn't offer a password feature, leaving the network open for anyone to connect to, and because traffic sent over the router can be recorded or snooped through due to a bug.

According to WIRED, Anonabox confirmed the issues. It will be replacing the hardware with a more secure version sans charge for the affected customers. Unfortunately, though, it is billing the new hardware as a free upgrade, and says only 350 of the 1500 shipped devices have the security issues...once again skirting around the ample — and justified — concerns critics have.