Anker Nano II series offers powerful USB-C charging in a tiny package

Popular accessories company Anker has introduced its new Nano II charger series, a product line featuring 30-watt, 45-watt, and 65-watt chargers packing GaN II technology. The chargers offer a mix of portability and versatility, enabling users to (depending on the model) charge everything from their phone and tablet to a Nintendo Switch and even laptops.

According to Anker, its GaN II architecture is the result of work with Power Integrations to utilize its Innoswitch 4 chipset, the key tech that helps make these chargers highly portable while also capable of rapidly charging various devices. Put simply, GaN II is designed to more efficiently transmit energy compared to silicon, and it brings double the frequency of the first-gen GaN.

Anker explains that while it could produce a charger that would exceed 30 watts while retaining a 'nano' size without using the GaN II tech, it made the decision to wait for the next-gen GaN so that it wouldn't be 'forced to either throttle its charging speeds or risk overheating.' Thus arrives the new Nano II series of chargers offered at 30 watts, 45 watts, and 65 watts.

The right charger for you will depend on your charging needs. Each of the three chargers features a single USB-C port, as well as Anker's Power IQ 3.0 technology. Anker says its charger can charge an iPhone up to three times faster than the standard 5-watt charger included with the phone, though it also works with Samsung's Super Fast Charging for select Galaxy owners.

To put the compact size into perspective, Anker says its new Nano II 65-watt charger is the same size as its Atom PD 1 30-watt charger, but obviously with more than double the charging power. At this level, the new Nano option could be used to charge just about every USB-C device you own, including laptops. On the flip side, the Nano II 30-watt charger is smaller than a standard 5-watt charger but, according to the company, can be used with things like the MacBook Air and Switch.

Anker has launched its new Nano II chargers for pre-order on its website and through Amazon for $29.99 (30W), $35.99 (45W), and $39.99 (65W). Shipping to US customers will start next month.