Angry gamers petition to have Uncharted 4 review score removed from Metacritic

The internet is an angry place and no one gets angrier than gamers when someone disagrees with the majority. One reviewer recently found out the hard way what it was like to become the target of anger from hordes of gamers after posting a negative review of the new Uncharted 4. This created a blemish on the game's overall score on the site Metacritic. And nothing gets gamers more riled up than someone having a dissenting opinion.

The offender is none other than Washington Post's Michael Thomsen, who rather disliked the game and completely slammed it with his review. While many gamers would most likely shrug and move along, wondering what exactly was this man thinking, the problem lies in the lack of a concrete score. Since the game reviews posted in The Washington Post lack any sort of ranking system, it's up to the editors to interpret the score based on the overall tone of the review.

For Thomsen's review, the paper sent off the review to Metacritic with a not-so-spectacular 40/100, the lowest score by a longshot, and therefore hurting the game's overall ranking. As a result, the gaming community has lashed out by first creating a petition for Metacritic to remove Thomsen's review from the scoring mechanics. As of writing this, the petition currently has about 5,200 signatures and claims the poor score "harms the Flawless reputation of the game for absolutely no reason."

That's not all though. For the crime of tarnishing the reputation of Uncharted 4, Thomsen has been subjected to endless abuse across his social media accounts. Here's a brief sampling of the anger directed his way:

This is the price one pays for disagreeing with the internet.