Angry Birds Rio Coming to smartphones and tablets in March

I have seen a few previews for the animated movie called Rio at the theater and on TV over the last few months. The Rio flick is an animated carton movie that follows a couple macaws and their adventures. The movie looks very funny. A tie in with the Angry Birds mobile game has been announced.

A special version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Rio will hit smartphones and tablets in March. The new version of Angry Birds will hit all platforms that currently have versions of Angry Birds available including the iPhone and Android.

In the Rio version of the game the original Angry Birds cast will be kidnapped and taken to Rio where they have to escape their captors and then find Blu and Jewel from the Rio movie. Angry Birds Rio will have 45 levels and will get new levels regularly via updates. Gameplay will be like the original Angry Birds games with some twists from the movie.