Angry Birds for iOS now available for free

After the game's initial release in December of 2009, the original Angry Birds game for iOS is now completely free to download. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are available to download at no cost. Previously the game was priced at $0.99 for the iPhone/iPod Touch version and $2.99 for the "HD" variant.

Appsfire, a service that tracks apps and notices when they go on sale, was the first to notice the change in price, and according to the service, this marks the first time that the original Angry Birds title has been available for free. It's said that once the app's price updates for all users, Apple will promote the app as their "free app of the week."

Rovio hasn't announced the price cut yet, but they did announce that 15 new levels have made their way to the original game, so not only can you get the game at no cost, but you also get more for your buck (or lack thereof). Of course, the Android version of Angry Birds has always been available for free — one of the benefits of being an Android user.

The Angry Birds series has always been popular, with new sequels coming out all the time, but in order to give the older games a quick boost in popularity again, Rovio is giving the original game away. Of course, thanks to the newer titles, not many gamers play the original Angry Birds, but the 15 new levels and the lack of a price tag should change that.