Angry Birds Epic update brings player vs player feature

Rovio teased its new Angry Birds Epic back in March, rolling it out a short while later with all its epic battles, worlds, characters, and upgrades in tow. Unlike most Angry Birds games, "Epic" features turn-based battles with the birds fighting against the green piggies. Ahead of Christmas and potential new downloads, Rovio has pushed out a fairly big update that brings with it, among other things, player vs. player battles, letting gamers go at it with friends rather than digital enemies.

The update is available now to download, and once installed it will add a Player vs. Player Arena for those intimate battles between teams. Rovio says gamers can "defeat their banners", which will be a little more satisfying with the inclusion of customization.

Under the update, gamers can customize their team banners with unspecified "powerful parts". Weekly leagues are available with the potential to win rewards (yes, they're epic rewards) that aren't detailed.

By playing leagues, teams will be able to climb up the Arena Leagues ladder, eventually making it to the Diamond tier if they have the chops. Rounding it all out is a tease promising a special upcoming holiday event.

SOURCE: Google Play