Angry Birds: Easter

Angry Birds is a re-imagining of a game-type that's been around since time immemorial. I don't think humans will ever get bored with games involving throwing things at other things using basic animations and ballistics simulations. This game has been a smash hit across the board and Rovio dropped the latest seasonal release, just in time for easter. The Piggies are stealing chocolate eggs and it's up to the explosive avians and you to bust up their homes. Stand back big bad wolf, the birds are on the job!

Rovio is a Finnish gaming company. They incorporated in 2003 to begin making games specifically for mobile platforms. Angry Birds is their latest smash hit. People just seem to love this game. The first Angry Birds dropped on us two years back and they've continued releasing new versions with topical art assets and new puzzles.

They had this note on their company's blog post announcing the release.

Furthermore, we will soon launch the biggest alternate reality game with Angry Birds ever – be prepared to seek for clues around the world to discover the secrets hidden in Angry Birds Seasons! [via Rovio]

That's interesting, we'll keep you posted on what this might mean, because honestly we have no idea.

Rovio released a game-play trailer that shows some of the new stuff going on in this latest version. And I know I love both destruction and movies! Check it!