Angry Birds 2 arrives on July 30

Angry Birds might be feeling dated, but it still enjoys a massive user base and as such presses on. The latest announcement from Rovio arrived today, and it brings good news for faithful gamers: Angry Birds 2 will be arriving on July 30. Rovio brags about its download numbers (three billion or so at this point), as well as the large number of spinoffs, gear, and other notable moments marking the game's life. What it wasn't so wordy about is the game itself.

The game has been around for several years at this point, and there have been numerous renditions of it, including those popular Star Wars versions. Rovio is calling this latest version "the mother of all sequels", however, teasing that fans are in for something big.

The game will be arriving in app stores worldwide on July 30, according to the developer, which means those on Android and iOS should be getting access to it at the same time.

Beyond that, however, Rovio is being coy and teases that you'll need to follow some of its social accounts to find out more over the coming months. We don't actually know what the game is going to contain. Check out the timeline below for more Angry Birds news!