Angelbird SSD cards can grow with incremental awesomeness

Shane McGlaun - Oct 22, 2010, 4:44 am CDT
Angelbird SSD cards can grow with incremental awesomeness

SSDs have been on the market now and we all know the benefits of the SSD compared to a normal HDD when it comes to performance and power savings. The typical SSD connects to the computer using the same SATA interface that a normal HDD uses. The problem with that is that the data transfer rates are bottlenecked by the interface in many applications.

This has led to a number of SSD solutions on the market that use the PCI Express interface to remove the bottneck created by the SATA port. The latest solution using the PCI-E slot is from a company called Angelbird and the cool part about this thing is that the user can start small and then add more storage as needed. The basic card starts at $239 and needs an attached SSD to boot. By attaching the SSDs to the PCI-E card greater performance can be achieved than using the SATA port, much like those PCI-E SSDs I mentioned before.

This is sort of a combination of normal SSDs and PCI-E SSD storage. The incremental awesomeness as the maker calls it comes when you add more of the firm’s expansion cartridges. Those cartridges add more storage capacity and increase the speed. With four of the 120GB expansion cartridges, the storage device is capable of read speeds of 1081MB/s and writes speeds of 945MB/s. With a single drive, the device can hit 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write.

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