Angee autonomous home security system has voice recognition and more

Keeping your hone, office or hotel room secure is a big concern for many people each day. At home, you can have complex security systems installed but those can be tedious to use and typically comes with a monthly bill. When travelling, securing your hotel room with anything other than a key is impossible. The Angee security system is a portable security system with some advanced features.

Angee has autonomous arm and disarm to turn itself on and off when you comes home and leave. It's controlled by your voice rather than complex keypads. It has an integrated camera that is able to rotate 360-degrees and can follow motion.

Angee has two-step authentication that identifies you at the door and supports voice recognition. The device will send you notifications to your smartphone and you can record video, share and stream video as well. Angee will monitor the room it is in and security tags allow it to monitor all other points of entry in the home.

Angee is on Kickstarter seeking $250,000 and has raised over $279,000 at the time of writing with 36 days to go. A pledge of $309 or more will get you an Angee when it ships in October 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter