Andy Rubin didn't delete his October 2010 "definition of open" tweet

If you are an Android fan, you undoubtedly look forward to the occasional tweet from Andy Rubin. One of the best tweets to come from Rubin was posted back in October of 2010 when Rubin tweeted the definition of open in response to something that Steve Jobs had said. Apparently, that tweet later disappeared.

There were some out there that assumed Rubin or someone else working his twitter account had deleted the post. One possible reason was that the server that had that code had been hacked. Another reason was that the code had changes so the definition of open was no longer technically true. The reasons were varied and no one really knew the truth.

As it turns out the tweet, being removed has nothing at all to do with Rubin or anyone else that might have access to that account. As it turns out that definition of open tweet was one of a number of tweets that twitter lost due to a bug that occurring during maintenance. Twitter later found those tweets and restored them so Andy's definition of open is back.

[via Parislemon]