Android Wear gets thumbs-up from Facebook Messenger

Wearables are the immediate future, and everyone is jumping on to support them. Android Wear is the platform of choice for many, and Facebook is no different. They've updated their popular Messenger app to work with Android Wear, leaving your phone to collect dust in your pocket.

The Android Wear/Facebook Messenger collusion is really simple. You get notifications when someone uses it to message you, and you can choose to "like" or reply. If you want to simply "like" the message, that's done with a single tap.

As for replying, it's a bit more polarizing. Facebook Messenger for Android Wear lets you speak a reply, which is the odd crux of wearable messaging. Should you be in a spot where you're not comfortable with the world listening in on your conversation, you'd likely want to dig your phone out.

Even with the shortcomings wearables can bring, this is still a major app supporting Android Wear. Whether you agree with the method they use for replying to a message or not, it's early days for Android Wear, and Facebook Messenger support is pretty impressive. Speech is a bit intrusive at times, but digging your smartphone out to type a quick "ok, be there soon" can also be a bit frustrating.

Source: Google+