Android Voice Xtreme wants to be Android Siri

Android Voice Xtreme or AVX is a newly released voice assistant for Android smartphones. The developers of the application say that the app is useful in the car and offers features that aren't found of Apple's similar Siri voice assistant. AVX offers support for NFC tags on compatible devices and has a number of other features that can be accessed using your voice.

AVX will read and reply to incoming text messages, including messages from a Google Voice account. The voice assistant also allows users to read and reply to e-mails and configure multiple e-mail accounts, including MS Exchange. AVX also allows users to schedule calendar appointments as quick reminders or fully integrated Google calendar events.

Other features of the voice assistant include location-based reminders and actions that allow you to be reminded or run other commands when you leave, pass, or arrive at a specific location. These location-based reminders and actions can also be set to activate depending on the direction you're traveling or the time of day. Other supported features include getting directions via Google Maps and the ability to find local businesses or restaurants with commands such as "I'm hungry" for a list of local establishments.

AVX supports the making of lists, taking memos, and making journal entries using your voice. It also has Evernote integration allowing all the memos, lists, and journal entries to be stored using Evernote. Using the application users can read and reply to their Facebook feed, or twitter feed. The voice assistant also supports home automation devices from Insteon allowing you to control home lighting or even the garage door using your voice. The app is available on Google Play for download right now.