Android USA smartwatch to sync with Android smartphones come December

Android USA–the wristwatch brand, not the operating system–has posted a promotional video featuring its new smartwatch synced with a smartphone running Android–the operating system, not the wristwatch brand. The brand confusion is understandable, but if we can get past that, let's talk about the Android Android smartwatch. It's poised to become the latest in clunky smartwatches that sync to your smartphone.

The watch company hasn't revealed much in terms of pricing or specs, but the promo video does show a few features. First, the looks. The smartwatch casing is a square job with rounded edges. The straps come in various primary and secondary (and black or white) colors reminiscent of the iPhone 5c line of colorful phone casings. The default display simulates the watch company's signature physical watch face.

As per the industry direction, the smartwatch syncs with a smartphone that stays in your pocket as you access some of its basic or primary features through the watch via Bluetooth. Your phone's music library is accessible with playback features on the watch. You can check your call logs and place and receive calls. A pedometer, calculator, chronograph, calendar, and contact list are also indicated. A voice-activated interface is not indicated in the promo video, but that's not to say it definitely doesn't have one.

We'll know more as Android USA releases more details. The watch will be available in December, according to its website. Meanwhile, let's all meditate on the fact that this branding simpatico between Android and Android proves that the universe has finally achieved total self-awareness.

SOURCE: Android Central