Android TV "Sabrina" dongle could come with a tempting price tag

It has been a while since Google launched a new Android TV device of its own, which is probably not surprising considering it's pouring its attention on the Chromecast Ultra. The latter is, after all, the device on which its Stadia is best experienced. That, of course, makes Android TV feel more and more like abandonware, a perception Google is trying to shake off this month. And nothing says "commitment" better than a new Android TV device and one might be coming that's even cheaper than the Chromecast Ultra.

Google's last dedicated Android TV device wasn't even sold to consumers and was instead an ADT-3 box meant for developers only. Majority of Android TV products, after all, comes in the form of actual TVs, except for a few set-top boxes like the venerable NVIDIA SHIELD consoles. There have been leaks about a new "Sabrina" thingamajig that will surprisingly come in dongle form and the savings Google made in its construction may actually trickle down to consumers.

9to5Google got wind of Home Depot's entries for a certain "Sabrina" in its internal systems. The listings not only listed the device as coming from Google, it also listed colors like Rock Candy and Como Blue that are used more for Google's Nest speakers. The most important bit of information, however, is the $49.99 price tag, and that might be with the "Abbey" remote included in the package.

That's a lot cheaper than the Chromecast Ultra, which retails for around $69. That said, some disagreement between retailers also popped up, with Walmart and Target listing the device at $59.98. That's still a lower price, even if only marginally, and does at least bring it on par with rival offerings from Roku and Amazon.

That said, we still barely know anything about this "Sabrina" dongle, especially if it will even reach the Chromecast Ultra's capabilities at that price point. If pricing details have already landed with retailers, though, we might not have to wait long for that to become official.