Android TV games use controllers, mobile devices

Nate Swanner - Jun 25, 2014
Android TV games use controllers, mobile devices

Android TV was announced at Google I/O today, but it’s not what many were expecting. While there is a hardware need, we’re not getting proprietary hardware. Android TV will need to be baked right into the TV, much like we find with other living room OS experiences. How will games work, though? We’ll tell you.

Games on Android TV tap right into your Google Play experience, so you can just download and stream games you already own. It also taps right in Google Play Games, so you can track progress no matter which screen you play on.

About those screens you share — Android TV gaming can use your smartphone or tablet to play games. A demo at I/O showed one player using a tablet to play NBA Jam on the big screen without lag. If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, no problem! Though Google didn’t say just how it would work, game controllers can also be used.

Android TV is coming in 2015, and will be built into Sharp, Sony, and Philips TVs. You can also get Android TV and games on set-top boxes from LG, SFR, Razr, and Bouygues Telecom.

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